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The island of Krk is located in a moderate and mild Mediterranean climate zone.Krk has a typical Mediterranean climate with dry and hot summers and mild winters. During spring the weather is already very pleasant and the entire island smells of flowers and plants. The average summer temperature is 23-28 oC, the average sea temperature in the period from June to September is 21-25 oC. The most frequent winds are the bura, jugo and maestral. So on the north and south-eastern part of the island the jugo blows more frequently, and in part of the central and northern part of the island the bura prevails. There is no rain in July, and only small amounts fall in June, August and September. November is the month with the highest number of rainy days. The island of Krk is included amongst the sunniest parts of Europe with 2500 hours of sun per year.


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