Once a small fishing village, Njivice, today with population about 1200 is a well-known tourist destination and a seaside resort. Njivice were first mentioned in the charter of Lord Ivan Frankopan in 1474, although, judging by some archaeological finds, the village is much older. In 1710 beside Njivice the village Villa di sasso bianco, or Beli Kamik was mentioned of which only a toponym remains today. In 1930 hotel Luka (now Adriatic) and villa Dinka were built and this year is considered the beginning of tourism in Njivice.

In city center are situated many restaurants, beach bars and shops. Also there is Sport Park with 3 tennis grounds (clay), mini golf, table tennis, diving club and playground for children.
There is walking path between Njivice and Kijac (1200 m) which connects two main beaches. Beaches are mostly pebble and concrete