The town of Punat is situated in the southwest part of the Island of Krk, in one of the most protected bays on the Adriatic. Today with population about 1800 people. It is located on more than 3 km long and 2 km wide Punat valley, is considered one of Krk’s more recent villages

It is also the island's olive-growing centre. Olive-growing, respectively growing olives and producing olive oil, is one of the oldest activities on the island Krk. The island Krk is exceptionally lucky since its geographical position determines climatic conditions of a predominantly Mediterranean climate but with a quite strong influence of the continental climate, guaranteeing the overall vegetation on the island, and thereby the olives as well, their special and unique flavor and quality.
Punat is one of the largest nautical centers in Croatia. Marina Punat founded in 1964., the oldest marina in Croatia.
To talk about Punat, and not to mention the small island of Kosljun, is unimaginable. Punat and Kosljun have being connected for centuries; the lives of the Franciscan friars and the people from Punat are mutually intertwined. So every visitor is sure to want to visit the island of Kosljun which is served by “barkajoli” that continuously travel the 10 minutes (750 meters distance) journey from Punat to Kosljun and back again.
Punat has its town beach within Puntarska draga (Punat Bay), suitable for children and seniors, with improved access to the sea, shallow water and protective barriers for the bathers.

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